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About Us


Kenneth G Fleury

comes with an experience of 32 years, is like a cap on his hat which helped him to work and execute on any given material, started in an early age of 20 worked on different prospective like fiber glass, stainless steel, mild steel, and all types of wood and ply. Associated with companies like Monotype India, ITC, BEML ( Bangalore, KGF), HAL, Ashok Leyland and Prestige. Having specialized in managing and handling teams, manufacturing components, maintaining man power etc. Inspection and quality check at every stage of manufacture, both in house and site. He believes and follows Quality is job one and Quality is job done”.


Anupam Nag

holds an B. Arch degree with 10 years of experience, in early stage worked with ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) in several projects like Humpi, Talkad, Somanthpur, Manikvellu etc. In later stage worked under prestigious companies like Bodhi tree, Siraj & Renu, Prestigious group in both small and big residential projects, commercial projects, office spaces, complex, pubs, restaurants, bars etc. In his opinion “ less is more” or “ less is bore” can only be applied correctly if the design follows the function with proper requirements and makes a comfortable space for the world.


Murali Mohan

holds a degree in Interior Designing with a hand full of experience of 12 years working with prestigious companies like Otis, studio furniture and accessories (SFA Works) and prestige group and executed work at IBM, Sun micro systems, Microsoft, Design core, Prestige Golf shire, Prestige Sunny side, Prestige Bella Vista, Prestige South ridge, Brigade Group, Prestige Noting Hill, Prestige Oasis, Prestige ozone, Prestige Melbrook, White Meadows, Park hotel – Vizag, Park hotel – Hyderabad, Epsilon Club House etc. having to state “ Drawing a small line also differentiate a small space “ so as an Interior Designer using my creative power should intern bring good things to life.

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