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Greenwills - Bangalore

The site is 50'-0"x 60'-0" located in bangalore.
Its a commercial space for offices and provision for parking in the lower basement.


Rajkumar's residence - Bangalore

The site is 35'-0"x 40'-0" located in bangalore.The client is a government officer, wanted a to make little comfortable space for him as well as for his family.
Its a 4 bed room house with attach toilets including the coomon areas like living, dining, kitchen, family spaces.


Sridhar's residence - Bangalore


The site is 40'-0"x 60'0" site facing north side located in the heart of the city.
The client was a bussinessman wanted to construct his house with a office located on the terrace.
The house consist of four massive bedrooms with other amenities like living, kitchen, family, hometheatre room, gym, reading room and a double height dining area at the central place.
The private office is on the third floor with a adjacent guest bed room with attached toilets.
The front facade is cladded with a siera board finished with wooden texture to give a contrast with the white back ground.
glass and metal handrail with pargola creating a relaxing space with a light and shadow.


Sristi - Midnapur


The site is 55'-0"x 60'-0" located in midnapur, west bengal.
The client wanted to make a apartment complex of 2bhk and 3 bhk with stilt parking

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